My Secret Sex Videoclips

Just because I’ve been married for 23 years shouldn’t mean I’m suppose to stop having sexual urges and thoughts, even though my wife my disagree, I find myself becoming more and more horny all of the time.

I suppose once a couple says, “I do,” things are suppose to change a bit. Oh, there is the honeymoon stage where having clothing on for more than an hour a day is unnatural, we remain nude and constantly reaching for one another, to share the passion and hardcore excitement of being man and wife. And then, after a year or so, we suddenly realize days have gone by and we’ve not shared more than a quick kiss as one of us is going out the door, and then, even quicker comes the realization that months have passed and we’ve not even flirted with one another.

Yes, it happens, a rut of life that seems to swallow up many people, but, luckily, I’ve found a place to go to,, where the sex videoclips are just waiting for me to access them anytime I have the opportunity.

I use to sneak into that site on my computer just once in a while, as a treat to myself when I was feeling extra horny, waking up through the night with an erection that wouldn’t go down unless I experienced an orgasm. I knew better than to wake my wife with the hope of sliding inside of her still desired vaginal area, so, instead, I would retreat to the living room, where my computer waits for me, as does the, secret anal sex movies at sex videos tube.

Lately, I’ve found myself slipping into my own private world of wanking enjoyment quite often. Each time my spouse goes to the store, takes something over to the neighbor, or, sometimes, if she just walks down to the mailbox, I’ll log on quickly just to look, even if I don’t have the time to cum, just to see the sex is still there, with the knowledge it would never say “I’m not in the mood,” or, “Is that all you think about?” Instead, when the page opens and I’m greeted with any type of hardcore or softcore pleasure I desire, it makes me smile to know I’ve found such a place to call my horny home.

These are my secret sex videos, and I treasure each and every one of them. Nothing is too wild, and at times, I find myself in the mood for even the more fetish things, such as the BDSM series. I wouldn’t mind having my wrists and ankles tied to the bed, to feel some spanking that leaves the cheeks of my ass burning with desire, any sort of attention would be appreciated and I certainly wouldn’t turn it down, at least in my mind. I’ve never been unfaithful to my wife, and, sneaking this way to jack-off makes me feel more like I’ve reached puberty and I’m having to hide my masturbation sessions from my parents and siblings, rather than being an unfaithful husband.

I’ve often wondered if maybe it’s just me that doesn’t turn on my spouse anymore, and if that’s the case, as hard as it would be to hear, I would still want her to be satisfied. Of course, that leads me into thoughts of being a cuckold husband, which of course then takes me into those sex videoclips, wondering if I could sit by, stroking my own big dick while watching my wife being penetrated by another man. I have to admit, the fantasies I have about it are more than stimulating, and I always cum quickly when thinking about that fetish sexual scenario.

There’s not much I wouldn’t consider sharing with my wife if she were open to being sexy with me again. She use to just have to turn over in bed, with her hair across her face, and breathing softly in her sleep and that was enough to make me want her. Maybe time will be the healer, they say what becomes old is then new again, so, I’ll await the day when she’s stepping out of the shower, her beautiful body damp with droplets of water, and her nipples hard from the stimulation of the shower spray and I’ll bend her over, taking her in a hardcore style right then and there.

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